Fairytale Unit

This week I am beginning a new reading unit on Fairytales. Since it is almost the end of the year, I wanted to do something that would be engaging to my kiddos, but also hit the few CCSS literature standards I have not hit yet. We are beginning the unit with recognizing common elements in fairytales and folk tales using this graphic organizer.


Next we are going to read and analyze fairytales and folktales from other cultures. We will use this organizer to help us compare and contrast our traditional fairytales to folktales from other cultures.

These are some of the books I plan on using:



Next week students use the same graphic organizer to plan and write their own fairytale.
You can get the Recount Folktales organizer for free on my TpT store, or buy the whole set of second grade reading graphic organizers.


  1. Thanks for sharing the adorable graphic organizer. Your blog is super cute. :)

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