Open House

Back to school means getting ready for open house. Here are some forms you can use to stay organized. Click on the pictures to grab them for free!


I hate to lecture parents on open house night. Often parents get bored and it makes me nervous! When I was in the classroom, I liked to create a short PowerPoint presentation with key things parents want to know. I created this template to make creating your own presentation easy. Grab it here for free:

In my school students were always invited to join their parents at open house. When I was in the classroom, I liked to include the children in the night. Students always are so excited to show their parents the classroom, so I created these scavenger hunts. This activity has always been a big hit! It also gives parents the chance to see what goes on in our classroom. Snag them for free here:

I hope your open house night goes smoothly! 

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