Place Value

The Common Core Place Value standards are so important when teaching first and second graders. Understanding the meaning of ones, tens, and hundreds sets the foundation for counting, adding, and subtracting. When I teach place value, I emphasize the use of manipulatives with my students. I especially have success using place value blocks. I like place value blocks because students can see that a ten is composed of ten ones and a hundred is composed of one hundred ones.Place value blocks are also easy to manipulate.

My students love Mr. R's Place Value Song! You can watch it here or on You Tube.
He also has a TpT Store!
 Mr. R's Place Value Song

In the beginning of the year, I like to reinforce place value with my students by doing a Number of the Day for morning work. The routine and repetition of Number of the Day really helps students gain number sense. You can use a printed sheet for number of the day, but if your copies are limited, this Rainbow Number of the Day worked great for my class.

                 Sample Number of the Day Poster- Just Laminate and hang on the board.

I just created this poster and had students fill in each section with the corresponding color in their Number of the Day Journal. In the beginning of the year, we went over the Number of the Day as a class. As students mastered this concept, I took a few minutes to check student journals and pull small groups as needed.
Example of student journal using Rainbow Number of the Day Poster

My students also loved making a Place Value Book. 

The book, along with other worksheets, a scoot game, and a quiz can be found in my first and second grade place value packet on TpT. 


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