Teaching Arrays in Second Grade

Partitioning Rectangles (2.G.A.2) and Arrays (2.OA.C.4)

These standards go together perfectly because they both involve arrays. 2.G.A.2 asks students to partition rectangles into rows and columns to make arrays. Standard 2.OA.C.4 asks students to use addition to find the total number of objects in an array. 

This is my favorite 2nd grade math unit because arrays work perfectly with using food! These lessons are very engaging and memorable for students. Here are some ideas I have used in the classroom:


After students have some familiarity with these standards, I bring in a tray of brownies. I ask students to help me figure out how I should cut the brownies into rows and columns so we have enough brownies for everyone in the class. I give students time to make a plan in groups. After students come up with a solution, they share with the group. When we find a plan that will work, we cut the brownies and enjoy!

Chocolate Bar Math

This is always my second grader's favorite lesson. In this lesson, I bring in a chocolate bar (divided into rectangles) for each of my groups. Students complete an activity with their team using the chocolate bar. Of course, the best part is when students get to partition the chocolate bar and eat it in the end. This lesson can be found, along with other practice sheets for these standards, here:

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  1. Thank you for these ideas. These activities seem like a great way to encourage collaboration and student engagement.


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